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The Prison I'm In

Today I said no to the Massachusetts State Police. I said no to following their directions. I said no to their excuses. I told them that I didn’t have to listen to them, I wasn’t their partner, and I was only interested in helping my sister’s Molly’s case.

This isn’t my first time standing up for myself with the State Police, and this is what is so waring about this part of the journey.

You see, today I found out that the tip line we have been advertising for information in Molly’s case wasn’t working. I don’t know for how long it was not functioning, but I was alerted by someone trying to provide information about the case.

What I do know is that in the winter of 2020 when I called in an “emergency tip” to the Central MA State Police line, that was previously taking the Molly Bish tips, I was told that “no one in the office knew about my sister’s case”. And that was it. So, if the sister of the murder victim couldn’t leave a tip, how can anyone else? These are the thoughts that concern me.

A few months ago, when the playing cards came out with Molly’s picture that was dispersed in prisons and now publicly, I asked, “Who is collecting those tips? How do they get to the lead detective on Molly’s case?” It took the Worcester County District Attorney’s office a couple weeks to get back to me on that.

One year I held a "tip campaign" in partnership with a professor and her students with the objective to collect information that people may not feel comfortable sharing with the State Police.

For 22 years I have heard from the public, and they say they call the detectives but they don’t hear back or no one interviews them or follows up. In some cases, I understand, the detectives will not tell you the results of your tip, but my concerns have always been focused on getting the whole account. Because after all, aren’t we just missing one piece?

Now I know I am talking about a case that is 22 years old, but the Worcester County District Attorney’s office keeps saying it is an active case. I am sure they are busy with more imminent crimes. However, the simplest thing is to have a phone number consistently available for the public to deliver information. I have worked so hard over 22 years to keep Molly’s story active in the public eye so that those tips continue to come in.

I am frustrated, I am enraged, I am tired, and I am sick of being placated by the incompetence that continues to plague my sister’s case.

This afternoon the District Attorney’s office called to tell me that the phone line was working and that they had received a tip at noon time. They acted like I was mistaken about it not working, and I asked them how long it was in fact “down” for. That is a usual tactic of theirs to gaslight me into submission. They are, after all, in a position of power over me and I better stand down.

I have learned some tactics of my own though. I am careful in my reactions. I try to keep a calm, even voice, despite the rage that clatters in my chest. Most times I ask them to have perspective from my standpoint, as intelligent human beings, dedicated to the resolution of a person they love’s case. How would this look to them? Would they feel so assured by an office that has demonstrated that there isn’t a real good, streamlined process to receive and collect the tip information? I ask the questions, and often there is silence on the other end of the line.

And I am back in my prison, a dark place of not knowing who killed my sister and who is really helping me at all.

If you have information about Molly’s case and cannot reach the Worcester State Police or the Worcester District Attorney’s office, please email me at the I will be sure it is sent directly to the lead investigator, Michael McDonald.

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